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Our inspiration at Vesta Property Management comes from Vesta, the ancient Roman goddess of hearth, home, and family. Like Vesta symbolizes the heart and warmth of a home, we are committed to transforming houses into homes and investments into returns. Our experience as landlords has given us the knowledge and expertise to handle the difficulties and complexities of property management with ease.

Our Mission: Our commitment is unwavering: turning houses into homes, transforming investments into returns, and helping our clients build wealth and freedom through real estate investing. We achieve this by fostering rental communities where owners, residents, and managers come together in perfect harmony. We specialize in meticulous resident screening, transparent communication, and proactive problem-solving to maximize owner value and ensure a positive rental experience.

Our Team: Our founder, Rodrigo Afanador, brings a wealth of real estate experience, ensuring Vesta PM isn’t just on the map but setting the compass for others to follow. Carolina Cole, our dynamic COO, ensures every client journey is seamless, while Ierileen “Ierie” Arzaga, the linchpin of resident relations, ensures every resident feels valued and heard. Together with a team of dedicated professionals, we’re redefining property management in Asheville.

Our Culture: We believe in lasting partnerships and the power of uplifting individuals. At Vesta PM, we’re not just managing properties; we’re helping to build people up, empowering them to reach their fullest potential.

Meet The Team

Rodrigo Afanador, Founder

From Bogota, Colombia, to Asheville, Rodrigo’s journey is about more than just bricks and mortar—it’s about stories, community, and squeezing the most out of life. With over a decade of experience, including being a landlord and completing more than 300 transactions, Rodrigo has a deep understanding of real estate – the wins, the losses, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with owning rentals. Dig deeper, and you’ll find Rodrigo’s not your average property manager.

He’s served as the President of CREIA, co-founded AVL Meetup, and is rolling up his sleeves with Homeward Bound to tackle homelessness head-on. It’s about more than just business; it’s about making a real difference. Off the clock? Rodrigo’s world is all about family and the great outdoors. His two boys, his “tornados of chaos,” keep him on his toes. And with his incredible wife by his side, they’re navigating the wild ride of parenthood! Whether solo or with family, Rodrigo always enjoys exploring the trails and the mountains surrounding Asheville.

For Rodrigo and the Vesta PM team, true success is measured when a house transforms into a home, and an investment yields returns. They’re not just in the property management business; they’re in the business of creating value and lasting impact.

Carolina Cole, COO

Carolina Cole, Vesta PM’s dynamic COO, has been a driving force since joining in 2019. With a keen eye for detail and a personal touch as a landlord herself, she understands the emotional nuances of rentals. Her commitment to excellence ensures every client benefits from a seamless experience. Beyond operations, Carolina has been instrumental in training and shaping the Vesta team, ensuring they’re equipped to deliver top-tier service.

A proud alumna of Universidad de la Sabana in Bogota, Colombia, Carolina’s journey in corporate and insurance law took a delightful detour when she met her husband, David. Their shared path led to the scenic beauty of Western North Carolina. At Vesta PM, Carolina’s focus isn’t just on processes but on people, recognizing the unique stories each client brings.

Outside work, Carolina’s love for adventure is evident.

She often explores the Blue Ridge Parkway with David, seeking out new trails and vistas. Family remains her anchor, with the joys of parenthood amplified by the arrivals of Elena in 2020 and Theo in 2023. For the Coles, Western North Carolina is more than home—it’s an ongoing adventure.

Elsa Maldonado, Director of Finance

Elsa Maldonado, Vesta PM’s Director of Finance, is the anchor of our financial operations. With a talent for problem-solving, Elsa dives into the numbers, ensuring precision and clarity.

She’s the guardian of client profits, meticulously tracking income and expenses and spotting potential financial pitfalls. Elsa also plays a crucial role in communicating with our Spanish-speaking clients, ensuring seamless interactions.

With a background in finance since 2006, Elsa’s expertise spans office management and portfolio collection. She thrives on transforming financial data into clear, actionable insights. For Elsa, numbers are more than digits; they’re the key to success.

Outside of work, family is Elsa’s haven. She cherishes time with her husband of 32 years, daughters, and grandkids. A lover of music and dance, Elsa also finds solace in crafts, with sewing being a cherished pastime.

Ierileen “Ierie” Arzaga, Resident Relations

Ierileen “Ierie” Arzaga is the heart of resident relations at Vesta PM. As the primary contact, she seamlessly manages rent, addresses concerns, and coordinates maintenance. Her background in customer service has shaped her approach, emphasizing clear and respectful communication. Ierie’s strength lies in her ability to navigate challenging situations with a positive tone, ensuring residents and clients always feel valued.

Drawing from her rich experience, Ierie ensures clients enjoy a hassle-free property experience. She’s dedicated to building trust ensuring investments are secure, and promptly addressing concerns. Within Vesta PM, her collaborative spirit ensures the team operates cohesively, maximizing each member’s strengths.

Outside the office, Ierie cherishes moments with her son, delights in cooking, and passionately teaches English to individuals across Asia. These pursuits rejuvenate her, fueling her dedication at work. As she looks to the future, Ierie is excited about taking on more responsibilities and contributing to Vesta PM’s continued growth.

Our Company Values

 At Vesta Property Management, we’re not just managing properties; we’re helping to build people up, empowering them to reach their fullest potential.


We are a very transparent property management company. We do things with honesty.


We are dedicated to helping people in need. We love what we do as well as enhancing our services and client’s experience.


In every problem we see, we focus on its positive angles and turn it into great opportunities. That’s where our energy is coming from.

We keep our company reputable and reliable. We always work with optimism, integrity and passion to serve you better.

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Our experience as landlords has given us the knowledge and expertise to handle the difficulties and complexities of property management with ease.


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